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Beautiful Basura 4/19/21

National Cat Lady Day ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/19/21

Basura Cat is stomping her paws,
As she points out one of my flaws.
She’s so angry, she is so hurt,
Finally, these words, she suddenly did blurt.

“Lookie, here Missy!” she did have to say,
Did you know that it’s National Cat Lady Day?
Not a word or syllables have you written,
About how you got me when I was a kitten.

Where is your pride, where is my poem?
Where are the words, that I am your own?
I am hurt, I am sad, that you have forgotten,
In fact, my head hurts and my tummy feels rotten.

You are my Lady and I am your cat,
Which makes you a Cat Lady, now that is a fact.
National Cat Lady Day is our day to celebrate,
That we were brought together not by chance, but by fate.

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