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Mother Nature On A Rainy Day 4 23 21

Conversation with Mother Nature ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/23/21

Me: “What the heck?”
Mother Nature: “What?”

Me: “Yesterday it was cold, I had to get out my winter socks, today it’s humid like the Amazon, my entire winter, spring, summer wardrobe is out.”
Mother Nature: “So, you think your moods are always the same?”

Me: “Well, no…”
Mother Nature: “Yesterday, I had a cold, today I am sad and crying, it’s as simple as that. You ever think of asking me if I’m okay?”

Me: (feeling sheepish) “Are you okay”
Mother Nature: “Hmmm, let me think about that. You pour sewage into my rivers, which goes to my lakes, which goes to my oceans and kills the fish. You pump pollutants into my sky, which makes breathing next to impossible.”

Me: (casting eyes downward)
Mother Nature: “You fill me with your garbage, cast precious blood upon my skin, I’m taken for granted, disregarded and dismissed. What do you think?”

Me: “I’m sorry…”
Mother Nature: “Yes, you’re all sorry, words are cheap, prayers are passive. Promise me that you will start taking better care of me.”

Me: “I promise.”
Mother Nature: “We shall see, Katrina, we shall see. Until then go play in me.”

Me: “Yes Ma’am!”

***Mother Nature also commented on how yesterday was Earth Day ~ “Why just one day? Do you have to be reminded to take care of me?”

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