Emotional Purse © ~ Katrina Curtiss 5/12/21

Tears betrayed me
Anger overflowed
Bladder to the eye
Let no emotions show.

Backed down, not engaged
Taught to never get enraged
Slinking away is the curse
Emotions tucked into my purse

Raise a voice, a bitch becomes
The name called out by everyone
Be a lady, be a good girl
A lollipop with a forehead curl.

Worth less than a man
They just won’t understand
Their power held on high
Men shout, Women cry.


So many times in my life have I been told, “Because he’s a man.” ~ Always by a man.
I once asked a boss, why my brain was “worth less” because it was in a woman’s body. He stuttered, he stammered and looked at his shoes.

Women Loud = “Hysterical”
Men Loud = “Assertive”
I toss the BS card onto the table of life.


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