Mask On/Mask Off ©  ~ (Reminds Me of Smoking) Katrina Curtiss 5 17 21

There was a time when you could smoke on a plane
Puff in a restaurant to get out of the rain
But science reared its noble head
And said, second hand smoke increased the dead.

So special places were set aside
For smokers to run, inhale and hide
Judged by others, for their addiction
Outcasts for their nasty affliction

Do what you want, but not next to me!
Health put over their liberties
Do what you want with no one around
Each puff one step closer to the ground

Done to protect others, give us a choice
To trust in Science, the sensible voice
Separation not too much to ask
What’s the difference between this and a mask?

People who don’t believe the virus is deadly, same people that complain about wearing masks, same people that refuse the Vaccine.

Only 1/3rd of Texans have gotten the COVID19 Vaccination, that means 2 out of 3 strangers you come into contact with are not vaccinated.

When smoking was banned in public it was to save lives, if you want to smoke then do it far away from me.

I feel the same about getting the vaccine, if you don’t want to get it, then give me a chance to stay far away from you.

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