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Basura Reading The News

My Cat Is Pissed At The Protesters ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 4/19/2020

My cat saw the news, how they’re out in the land
No masks on their face, no gloves on their hands
While some are going out to protest,
We stay at home doing our best?

“How can that be? There’s a bug in the air!
People are dying, don’t people care?
You’re one of those considered at risk”
As she clenched her paw into a tiny fist

She shook her fist at the heavens above
“Their stupidity could kill the one that I love
Promise me, that you’ll stay at home
It’s okay, just you and me, forever alone”

“How stupid that they need to open the stores
How stupid to add another death, maybe more!”
I tried to explain about the economy
About consumerism in the land of the free

“It doesn’t matter, there’s still no cure
We should wait until we absolutely sure
Can’t we wait at least another month or two?
To let things settle, until we know what to do?”

Sadly, I shook my head and said, “no”
People are people, it’s sad, but it’s so
Trump Twiddles his Tweets, “Let’s Liberate”
And his followers are taking the bait

As she finally settled down for a nap
She said, “I think your president’s full of crap!”
I whispered, “Basura you’re not a lone
It’s not the time to have an idiot on the throne”

Today’s Musing: “If you want to go out and protest in groups, then you should sign a waiver stating that if you get Covid-19, that you will not seek medical help, and burden the overwhelmed hospitals and staff” ~ Quote by Basura, owner of me  #girlwithguitar

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