Too Much © ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7.28.21

I feel heavy, no, not the few COVID-19 pounds that I’ve gained.

I feel heavy with news and disappointment.

I try not to watch too much of what’s happening with the Insurrection investigation.
I try not to read too much about the increasing COVID numbers
I try not to listen too much about the wildfires destroying the west
I try not to think too much about the Olympics.

“Too” : adverbto a higher degree than is desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively.

Because it’s really just too much!

When The Pandemic first started, my world started to shrink. No more gigs, no more students, no more of any more. Dealing with a health issue, I took every precaution, trusting that science would find us a way out; unaware that pride would block the path and trap us on this ride.

When the Insurrection took place, I watched in horror as my species turned into animals, with one exception. Animals are too smart to follow the weakest leader, here we failed as a country terribly, such shame.

The wildfires burn out of control in the west, destruction and despair as climate control continues to be debated, when will we believe what we see before our eyes? What is the matter with people?

The Tokyo Olympics, held in the midst of a Pandemic. One cannot imagine the experience, yet so many feel entitled to judgment when young athletes
put their mental health above a gold medal. Tokyo is a hot bed of COVID and heat.

So many of us are angry at the choices of others.

For me, this is an incredible waste of time and energy.
Yes, I believe they are wrong, as I know that they believe that I am also.

Look for peace my friends; listen for the laughter of children. Hold open a door for someone, offer kindness where needed.

This is a time of increasing isolation once again.
Call the elderly; check on your friends, neighbors and family.
Spend time with those who lift you, as you may lift others.

Much Love Always,

#girlwithguitar and Basura Cat


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