You are currently viewing Banjo Basura © ~ Katrina Curtiss 8.1.21
Banjo Basura 8.1.21

Banjo Basura © ~ Katrina Curtiss 8.1.21

Basura Cat said, “Oh don’t ya know, I am going to play the ol’ banjo!”
“I’ll wag my tail to keep beat, use my claws as picks, that will be really neat.”

She found a banjo teacher on-line, refusing to be a student of mine.
She spends hours in front of her mirror to groom, wanting to be the prettiest cat on Zoom.

Her teacher is a skunk by the name of Suzy Jean, when she teaches she is strict and kind of mean.
Her bio says that she has been teaching for years, her owner is none other that Britney Spears.

I can’t say that Banjo Basura makes a beautiful sound, I hide her banjo when she’s not around.
But she finds it and puts it back on her lap, She’s a bad banjo playing skunk student cat.

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