Unleashed Anger ~ by Katrina Curtiss 3.28.2022

The following is my response to the slap to the face of an Oscar presenter at last nights televised event.

Unleashed Anger ~ be me ~ 3.28 2022

There was an awards ceremony once was filled with grace
Until in a fit of uncontrolled anger a man slapped a face
He shouted and stomped his big ugly feet
Forgetting the grand ghosts that sat stunned in their seats.

Glory and honor flew from the stage
As a child man vented his self-righteous rage
A tradition he broke without so much of a thought
Encouraged by friends, such a simpleton lot.

Is it okay to physically stand your ground?
When a bad joke is tossed with others around?
“Keep my wife’s name out of your F****** mouth!!”
Shouted twice, echoing corners north to south.

Sadden we watch as class goes down the drain
Physical aggression, in a world gone insane
No consequence, as both sides sound the alarm
Our children are left with the world that we harm.


***He said he did it out of love for his wife, because Chris Rock made a joke about her. If this is the result of love, God, help us all.
Smith could have simply walked out, he could have confronted Rock after the ceremony, but then he would not have been able
to accept his Oscar upon the very stage he desecrated. There is a tornado of response on social media supporting the violence, ’tis a shame.

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