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Katrina Jeanne Curtiss 3.16.1959

Another Birthday ~ by Katrina Curtiss 3.15.2022 — DOB 3.16.1959

Birthday celebrations have always escaped me.
It makes me uncomfortable to have people treat me differently as they rally to support my birth.

I really had nothing to do with it.

People reach out from shadows, with a greeting, wishing of happiness upon a birthday,
otherwise, one might never hear from them.

For aren’t we all special on everyday of the year?

I’m embarrassed by presents, opting to open them in private, for no poker face am I.

Once when given luggage, I asked, “Are there tickets?”
I mean, really what’s the point of giving someone luggage to nowhere?

I am not in need of anything, actually not in want of anything outside of things I cannot control.

World Peace would be nice, but I doubt that I will see it in my lifetime, ‘tis a shame.

I would love to have guitar students lined up at my door, love to have more gigs playing at cool venues.

I guess what I really want is to be a better version of my Self.
To jump higher, be kinder, more productive, to win over gravity.

In life, there is always so much more I wish to do, but finding the starting place has always been a challenge.

I wish that I could go back to my younger Self and tell her that she was pretty enough,
smart enough, that there really is no carrot to chase.

So much time taken up being so concerned about opinions which never mattered,
people who never mattered, things long gone.

So, as I rotate another time around the sun, my birthday wish is for you.

For you to know that you are special beyond measure.
The simple act of showing up takes courage, to endure takes great skill.

So, take a breath, lift your glass and may you find happiness in the midst of this chaotic thing called life.

Much Love Always,
Katrina Jeanne


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