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Katrina Reverbnation ranked 4 April 27 2022

A Musician’s Lament ~ by Katrina Curtiss ~ 4.27.2022

My social media suffers a lot
Too many irons in more than one pot
A potential gig wants to see my fans
Hopping from the fire to the frying pan.

How many likes, how many fans?
I feel like a child with broken crayons
How much time to promote and scream?
Trying to live the American dream.

My music is as authentic as me
But must post so that the world will see
Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and more
Boasting is a pimp, Talent the Whore.

There once was a time, you could plug and play
But social media is the slave today
Talent once shined solely and bright
But now it matters on clicks and on likes.


***Gone are the days of Coffee Houses, simple places for simple musicians. Applying for gigs, everyone wants to know all of my social media sites, videos and followers. I’d rather spend my time on making music.



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