Ode To Stray Hair ~ by Katrina Curtiss ~ 5.1.2022

I was sitting so comfortably in my chair
When on my face, I found a stray hair
Where did it come from? How long was it there?
I jumped straight up from my comfortable chair.

Tweezers in hand, but what do you know?
That stray hair was gone, oh where did it go?
“I’m silly” I thought it was never there
So back I went to my comfortable chair.

But as soon as I sat, it popped up again
This single stray hair, had invited a friend!
Now two stray hairs, intending to stay
Making it worse, both hairs were gray!

On with my glasses, a magnifying glass
A pluck here and there, a sip from a flask
“Farewell” I whispered as I threw them away
To which they replied, “We’ll be back some day!”

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