You are currently viewing After A Gig ~ by Katrina Curtiss ~ 4.25.2022
Katrina in Bulverde 2019

After A Gig ~ by Katrina Curtiss ~ 4.25.2022

Steering wheel held at 10 and 2
Leaving what was left to do
A job well done, completed task
What once was Now is Now gone past.

A business here, a business there
Not much that my wallet can bare
So many things just out of reach
A sweet sunset on a sandy beach.

A concrete world, neon flashing lights
Deep fried dainties on a Saturday night
Music blaring from a passing car
Vibrating the strings of my tired guitar.

Just the two of us, having spent our seed
Trying to answer a lifelong need
Mountains to conquer, no end in sight
Singing with the radio on a Saturday night.

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