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A Letter A Day To You #1

Since I’ve got nothing better to do
I’ll write a letter a day to you.

I hear that you’re angry, I hear that you’re sad
I see that some of you even are mad.

You’re losing work due to the virus
You’re losing your faith, you’re losing your trust.

It makes me sad, you’re willing to take the risk
of hugging, gathering, sharing a kiss.

For you see, it may be news to you
But I suffer from an immune disorder or two.

Yes, I’m one of those, older and at risk
It’s written down, it’s quite a list.

I’m sure that everything’s going to be fine
But there’s quite a lot on my mind.

I want to make it to the end
So please do as we’re ask, be my friend.

Today’s Musing: “It Won’t Be This In The Morning” saying of Jeanne Curtiss ~ Mother of Me


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