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Jackson and Basura 9:17:2020

My Cat And My Student, Mr. J. ~ Katrina Curtiss 9/17/2020

He’s a great kid, to me at this age; they’re all kids.
He looks at life with a gentle heart.
He wants to travel after High School, wants to feel the world.
He wants to make a difference.

Basura Cat knows my students, a great judge of character. For some she sleeps for others, she’s a moth to a flame.
She sits at their feet, listening, purring in appreciation. She wants their nearness, to share their space, of this I understand.

There’s something magical about my students, the wanting to learn, their trust in me to help guide them on their musical journey.
Teaching has taught me many things, one is that each student is different; everyone learns differently, my job is to find the keys that unlock their learning. Given my choice, I would always prefer to teach in person, however with COVID~19, I’ve made room for Zoom.

It’s really hard to find paying gigs during this time, how can a business with limited revenue come up with the cash to pay musicians to bring customers in, when the number of customers is limited ~ such a time for all.

I’m so grateful for the gift of music, without it, I would be a lost soul, wandering through life, searching for a purpose.

If you’re looking to take lessons on guitar or ukulele, in person or via Zoom, let me know. I have time, desire and commitment to helping make the world a better place through the magic that lies in the hearts of each and everyone.

Shoot me a message, I’ll get back to you. And if you want to be included in my free weekly “Time Out” music lesson emails ~ shoot me your email and I’ll add you.

Take care,
Much Love Always #girlwithguitar

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