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Sleeping Shelly, Mother and Home Schooler of 4

A Letter A Day To You #2 “Home Schooling” Katrina Curtiss

She dropped her kids off to school each day
And then went merrily along her way
When calls came there was a problem in class,
She shrugged her shoulders and never asked
What could she do, what went wrong,
for her children were perfect, with every charm

Then one day when the virus hit,
with her kids, like a teacher, she had to sit
To try and teach them math and science,
from them she got no compliance
They sulked, complained, and they frowned,
they kicked each other, they stomped the ground

She pulled her hair, wondering what to do,
How could she teach these terrible two?
How did their teacher do it every day,
with such little respect, such little pay
Imagine a class full of 30 or more
Why didn’t she quit and run out the door?

It would take a Super Hero to stay with these kids all day,
a force field to deflect the mean things that they say
Strength enough to lift defiance,
tricks to get them to learn reading, math and science
Gravity Powers to keep them in their seats
to keep them from fighting and stomping their feet
Invisibility to sneak off and drink wine
Oh, how could these brats, be kids of mine?

She suddenly began to realized
that her children were not such a prize
Maybe she should have listened to what their teacher said
and when they were bad sent them early to bed
But for now, as her hair slowly turned gray
the mother, was also teacher, God help me she prayed.

Today’s Musing: “Teachers are Super Hero’s they have the power to change lives” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar


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