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March Is Here Again ~ by Katrina Curtiss 3/2/2021

In my house, I sometimes feel a deepening sense of separation,
I am always cautious when I am aware of this sensation.
It was a year ago this month, that the feeling came to stay,
It’s been 365 days that I’ve been able to keep it at bay.

But sometimes, I just wonder as I sit here with my cat,
Just how you are doing, just where your thoughts are at.
We just seem to keep on keeping on, each and every day,
Shrugging off what’s happening, what other people say.

Some people that I used to talk to, I don’t anymore,
I have more conversations with strangers at the store.
My circle keeps getting smaller, each and everyday,
With my music and my writing, I’ll always be okay.

But sometimes, it feels like we share our separate state,
Mostly when the day is done, and the hour is much too late.
It’s sometimes hard to catch our breath, with yet so far to go,
As the starting shot was fired, just a year ago.

***Wear A Mask, Save A Life, Make Good Choices****

Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar

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