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Two Wanderers, Wandering ~ 2015

The High Road ~ by Katrina Curtiss 10/2/2020

In response to today’s announcement that President Donald Trump and his wife are both now COVID-19 positive.
While other countries snicker at us, here in the United States, how we react is a testament to who we are as a people.
It’s easy to laugh when the bully falters and falls, when he is forced to eat his own words.
It’s much harder to find compassion, to forgive and pray that perhaps now he will do his best to protect our country. I read today, “He didn’t protect us, how could he protect himself?”
Am I mad about how he has handled the COVID19 Crisis, you bet!
But that has not allowed my heart to turn to stone. A life, every life is a life worth living. That being said…I wish him and a swift recovery that we can kick him out of power on November 3rd, 2020~ Vote Blue!!!!

The High Road ~ by me ~ just now.

I’ve hiked many a path in my life, growing up in Ohio, there are lots of trails to traverse. It’s been my experience that hiking on the low roads is much easier than hiking on the high ones.

Upon the low road, there is shade, foliage, and the creature comforts of life.  Up above, on the high road, one is laid bare, under the brutal sun, boulders abound, and footing has to be sure.

Taking the high road, takes courage, bravery and commitment. As one looks down, judgments are suspended, for every step on either trail, is one of struggle.

It’s easy on the low road to unload one’s trash, tossed to the winds, someone else’s problem.

But higher up, often travelling alone, one is awed by the pristine beauty of nature, urged inward and onward towards leaving a lighter footprint.

At this time, let us all be daring, and together take the High Road.

Stay Safe & Healthy
Wear your Mask
Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    I hope they get better soon.

  2. Bob

    FAKE COVID!! Trump is faking it — to get sympathy after his horrific display of immaturity on Tuesday’s “debate” — to have an excuse for not participating in a future, better-controlled debate when he might be muted — to show how brave he is by taking an experimental vaccine (also fake) — and then he’ll have a miraculous recovery, proving he was right all along.

    Hard to take the high road with someone who stoops this low…even if the above is not true, it’s what many, many people are saying.



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