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Coffee, Pills & Metronome, oh my.

A Letter A Day To You “The Day That “What If” Came To Stay” #4 ~ Katrina Curtiss

I’m okay, today, What About You?

I have been staying informed, staying away from public places, washing my hands, wiping things down.
But now think that I may have made a stupid mistake.

Before Corona came to town, I arranged to have some new windows put into my house. They came this past Wednesday, moved the installation date up, due to expected rain. I hesitated, wondering if I should postpone until things settled down and the virus left town, I didn’t.

I’m not an alarmist, thought everything would be okay.

So in came two young guys, worked for two days taking out and putting things in, they look great (the windows not the guys).
The manager, came out Wednesday night to check on things, together we inspected their work, we didn’t touch, but he touch a lot of things, and then I touched those same things,he left with a promise to come back no later than Friday.

He didn’t come, I texted him, he texted me back that he got really sick Wednesday night, slept for 14 hours, wanting to go right back to sleep, no fever, no cough outside of that of a regular smoker. Said his Doctor told him that he didn’t need tested.

Life goes on, out of habit, we think it’s the flu, maybe just allergies as they are home to San Antonio. He couldn’t be really sick, after all this is “out there” not “in here.”

I taught a private music lesson yesterday, after my 84 year old student left, I reached out to my sick manager guy to see how he is, called, texted, the time between then and now has seems like an eternity. He just responded that he was with a client who is older and has the flu, just the flu, whoever thought that someone just having the flu would be good news?

Nevertheless, “What If?” came to stay:

What if he was sick and wasn’t responding because he is sick and his phone is his last concern?
What if he passed the virus to me, left it on a shared surface?
What if I passed in onto my 84 year old student ~ one at risk?
What if I get sick, my doctor says due to an auto immune disorder, I’m at high risk

I can only proceed from here, no longer having contact with anyone, canceling all private lessons, learning how to teach on line, wiping down everything I touch, trying not to touch anything, including my self, staying 6 feet away from my roommate, staying at home, staying alone, along with much of the world.

Listening to the news, watching updates from the White House with a person in charge that attacks reporters who ask for reassurance.  Right now 148 countries are dealing with the Corona Virus (Not the Chinese Virus).

I have thoughts on the guy in the White House, but not today, I don’t want to throw more wood on that fire.

I’ve been taking the medication: Hydroxychloroquine, for an existing autoimmune disease, the one that they now say will help fight against the virus. I tried to get a refill, but it’s too soon for my insurance to allow for it, I asked if I could pay out of pocket, was told “no” they will not allow anyone to stockpile it. Why they didn’t do this with surgical masks, toilet paper and other items? But finally there seems to be someone, somewhere with foresight. I have to keep remembering that no one knows what they’re doing because we’ve never been here before.

I asked the pharmacist if thought they would run out, as demands most likely will become high. He said he didn’t know, sadly how could he?

So, I’m doing my thing by doing nothing. People, places and things can wait, nothing, no-one, is going anywhere. If you do get sick, let the people you’ve been in contact know. Stay at home if you can. Blessings and Thanks to those on the Front Lines.

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