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Coronavirus Conversation with my cat

A Conversation With My Cat, Basura

My Cat asked today, “Why is it at home, now you stay?”
“Corona” I whispered into her ear
“But don’t worry we have nothing to fear
We’ll stay to ourselves, eat food off our shelves
and leave enough for others to take care of themselves.”

“Corona?” she asked as she purred on my knees
“Yes” I replied, “they think it’s a virus, started by the Chinese.”
“Did they do it on purpose, don’t they like us?”
I answered; “it was a mistake, in this I do trust.

She said, “You can’t touch things, not even me?”
“What about if I get a flea?”
I laughed and said, “I’m petting you now,
if you get fleas, we take care of it somehow.”

“What about your students, are they coming to our home?”
“No” I told her, “For now, we’re all alone.”
“I miss everyone, will I see them someday?”
“Yes, Basura” I said, “Rest assured, we’ll all be okay”

Today’s Musing: “Purrr, Purrr, Purrrrr” ~ Quote from Basura, Cat Of Katrina

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