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Front Porch Surprises

Front Porch Surprises ~ Observation by Katrina Curtiss 4/3/2020

Just when you start feeling a part from the world, people do things that make you feel part of the world

A student mailed me a check for 4 lessons ~ stating that he didn’t want any on-line lessons, he just wanted me not to be financially strapped. I love his kindness.

A student left a dozen fresh eggs on my porch, along with a belated Birth Day gift card and some homemade Lentil Soup, simply because they wanted to. They are new friends, I hope to keep forever.

My 84 year old student and I check up on each other everyday via the phone, I tell him that it’s so that he can check up on me, it’s a two way street.

Some students say they can’t afford to pay for on-line lessons, I try to set up their lessons anyway, right now it’s not about money.

Another student leaves me fresh eggs, our lessons are not just music, but therapy for both of us, I miss my students.

My neighbor goes out grocery shopping for milk and eggs, she asks if I need anything, I tell her no, and offer to share my eggs, she says, no, she’ll find her own. I love my neighbors.

When my refrigerator broke down again, a friend let me put my frozen food in his garage freezer. It’s the second time within two weeks he’s helped me. I miss him, he’s my guitar brother.

My Musical Friends have created an “Open Mic Quarantine” Facebook page, it’s nice to see they’re doing okay. I love my Musical Family.

My friends pick up the phone when I call; I really appreciate hearing another voice. I love my friends, they’re my family.

My cat makes me play with her a lot, needs holding a lot, more than before. I think she knows that I need to play, that I need holding. I cherish Basura Cat.

Today’s Musing: “Kindness is Contagious, just like the virus” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar #girlwhoisgrateful #stayathome #staysafe #coronavirus #cusoon

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  1. Sofia

    It’s great to witness so much kindness! And love the musing.

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