He Knew ~ Katrina Curtiss 9/8/2020

I don’t blame him for the Virus, but I do blame him for not giving us a better fighting chance.
We, the people do not need to be coddled; we need the correct information to make the correct choices.
194,462 lives lost and counting

He Knew ~ by Katrina Curtiss 9/8/2020

There was a storm a coming and this we know he knew
He said it would magically disappear, which he knew was not so true.

“It’s not here, it’s over there, so live your life without a care”
He didn’t give us a fighting chance, which really wasn’t fair

Those who knew best said to put our shutters in place
And help to set a good example for the entire Human Race.

He said, “Pashaw, my friends, leave your shutters down
I know more than they do, that’s why I wear the crown.

And as the skies darkened, some people took their stand
Doing what they could to help protect their fellow man

But his believers went outside and screamed into the night
“No matter what you say, we believe that he is right!”

And as the sun rose, we saw the damage that was done
Homes destroyed, lives were lost, a loss for everyone.

The shuttered people wondered why he didn’t warn them all
Why he had betrayed them, as he watched them silently fall.

It was a time to panic ~ panic could have saved lives
It is still a time of panic ~ wear a mask, save a life

Why are we just learning this now? Those who knew the truth and didn’t speak it, are just as guilty!


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