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Basura, The Cat Burglar 7/26/2020

My Cat is A Cat Burglar ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 7/26/2020

The Adventures Of Basura continue ~

Basura Cat sat by the door with a shoe
I thought myself, “This is something new”
It wasn’t her shoe, it wasn’t mine
Oh where has this shoe been all of this time?

Then I saw that she was hiding a sock
She rubbed it on the carpet and got quite a shock
Then she banished a potato peeler in the air
And started to dance with a teddy bear.

It was an amazing wonderful sight
When she starting flying an orange and blue kite
The wind it picked up and past my eyes she did fly
As she flew out the window, she shouted “Good-bye!”

Later that day, there was a knock on my door
And what I saw dropped my jaw to the floor
The police had Basura, under their arm
Seems that my neighbors had sounded an alarm.

In the still of the night their things had disappeared
And it was a cat burglar that everyone did fear
It seems that my cat, was out borrowing things
Like Mowers, goldfish, celery and rings.

The culprit was caught and brought back to my house
Now mind you this is a cat that can’t even catch a mouse
Basura said she was sorry and returned what she took
She’s ankle bracelet, under house arrest cat crook.

Today’s Musing: “Whatever you steal, you lose twice over” ~ Quote by Sarah Bridge, grandmother of me #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    I hope she learns her lesson being on house arrest!?

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