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Basura Takes Cover From Constructive Criticism

My Cat Gets A Complaint ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 5/17/202

“Basura, cat come out from your bed
Why are the covers up over your head?”
She said that she feels that she was attacked
After a reader gave her some recent feedback

They said that she’s gotten political in her views
She was much more fun before reading the news
She said, that she was just trying to relate
By joining the ongoing virus debate

From now on, she’ll stick to things that are fun
And give smiles not frowns to everyone
She’s afraid that what she wrote made you mad
Scared that you might think she’s a cat that is bad

Instead she’ll write about her new adventures in store
She’ll lean how to knit, and cook campfire smores
She’ll learn how to rumba and how to knit
And tell you how all of her clothes don’t fit

She’s now thinking of how to do even more
As she lays and plays on the living room floor
She says, Thank you for reading her adventures everyday
And from now on she’ll censor what she has to say

Today’s Musing~ “Opinions are like tails, every cat has one” ~ Quote by Basura, owner of me #girlwithguitar

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  1. Marty

    Basura, write about WHATEVER you want to! Remember that you can’t please everyone, so please yourself!

  2. Connie L. Calvo

    That’s why I don’t post anything, Basura. People are just so opinionated to what you have to say. Oh but, if you dare say anything about what they write. It’s a shame, Basura! I’d say not to worry about what they think yet I know it’s hard not to. Love to you, Basura!

    1. Katrina

      Hi Connie, I know, but all I was trying to do was reflect what I see, but it seems that making humans think, sometimes makes them mad. I sneak to the computer and research what I write about, so I’m not just meowing to hear myself meow. Thank you for being such a kind human.

  3. Favorite Niece

    Oh no Basura!

    1. Katrina

      Hello my favorite Tia, Oh, yes. I’m going to pack myself in a box and come visit you

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