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Kat In The Hat by kat

Kat In The Hat Musings ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 5/26/2020

Nothing has changed as far as I can see
There’s still no vaccine or remedy
Yet, people are going out everywhere
It’s like they’ve given up and just don’t care

What’s different today than 2 weeks ago?
Can you tell me please, I’d like to know
It’s like someone outside has an invisible gun
A sniper virus aiming for just any ol’ one

I’ve been asked to host an open mic
It would be so nice to see those that I like
But I haven’t stayed home all this time
To get or give the virus to a friend of mine

When people march without guns
Then I will march with everyone
But for now, it’s home I’ll stay
And watch the squirrels run and play

It’s hard to play 6 feet apart
I hug you tight within my heart
I will be here, when this is done
I love you each and everyone

Today’s Musing: “I will write here and there, I will write anywhere” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar

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  1. bob

    You might be able to stay six feet apart from the open mic musicians, but that mic would be open for anybody/everybody to breathe on. Better stay safe…

    (Out my window I see it just started raining but the sun is still out; might be a good omen, cleansing the air.)

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