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Our New President And Vice President 11:7:2020

It’s A GREAT Day!!!! ~ 11:08am 11/7/2020 ~ Katrina Curtiss

I was teaching when the announcement was made this morning that our new President Elect is Joe Biden.

When I told my student, we both rejoiced, I went outside to tell Sofia, she cried, I cried in debts of relief. She immediately called her family and friends in Portugal who have been nervously watching our elections.

I feel like it’s the first time in 4 years since, I’ve been able to take a deep breath.

There are celebrations around the country as we join together in hopes of a brighter future, to a new President that will unite our country.

Personally, I am nervous about what awaits us while we are still under the foot of 45, I suspect that I am not alone.

I pray for the outgoing administration, may they leave us in grace and dignity.

It’s okay to elect the wrong person for a job, but it would have been devastating if we, as a country would have allowed him to stay in a position that he was never qualified to fill.

The road that lies ahead is filled with many challenges, the rebuilding of broken relationships over this election, combating COVID 19, rebuilding our relations with foreign countries, combating the mistruths of the outgoing administration, healing the deep wounds that vibrate within and around our Nation.

Celebrate safely,
Thank you for voting
Yours truly, #girlwithguitar

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