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My Cat And Her Coins 6/23/2020

My Cat And Her Coins ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 6/23/2020

Basura cat asked me for change
I asked, “Is there something you want to rearrange?”
She replied, “No I want to go to the store
And I hear they’re not making change anymore”

It seems that since the virus is taking its time
That we’re running short on pennies, nickels and dimes
It’s a result of when our economy closed
What else it affected, only goodness knows

I said, “We’ve got a jar of coins, you and me”
But if we don’t roll them ourselves the banks charges a fee”
Basura cat was taken aback,
Asking, “So they charge to take their money back?

“Yes,” I said, “It didn’t use to be so
I’d break my piggy bank and off to the bank I would go
If they didn’t change us, we’d take them all in
The answer to a problem, a great way to begin”

But our jar full of coins sits alone on the floor
There might be a hundred dollars or more
Basura said, “Let’s hold onto it for a rainy day”
There’s wisdom in what my cat has to say.

Today’s Musing: “A penny saved makes cents” ~ Quote by Basura, Owner of me #girlwithguitar

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  1. Bob

    That cat sure is prolific! Does she have a literary agent?

  2. Connie L. Calvo

    I really enjoy reading what Basura is up to now. Miss you all!

  3. aka Bobby

    These dialogues with Basura are really great, I’m enjoying them very much. They deserve a wider audience…

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