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Mom & Kid (Back to school Struggle) 7/11/2020

Imagined Conversation ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/11/2020

Imagined Conversation ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/11/2020

Kid: “Why can’t I go to my friends house to play?”
Mom: “Honey, we can’t right now, there’s a virus.”
Kid: “What’s a virus?”
Mom: It a disease in the air that is passed from person to person, so for right now, Doctor’s are saying we should stay home.”
Kid: “Does it make people really sick?”
Mom: (choses her words carefully) “Yes, honey, some people it makes really, really sick.”
Kid: “But I’m bored and I miss my friends”
Mom: (sighing) “Yes honey, I know…”

Mom: “Come on, we’ve got to get you ready for school”
Kid: “School?! ~ I thought we weren’t suppose to go out, is the virus gone?”
Mom: “No, honey, in fact it’s worse now than before”
Kid: “But you said we could get really sick if we got it, and that if I got it; I could give it to you or Grandma. I don’t want to give it to Grandma, I don’t want Grandma to get really, really sick!!”
Mom: “Honey, it’s okay, they say you’ll be okay.”
Kid: “But you said we couldn’t go be with our friends!”
Mom: (heavy sigh)
Kid: “Mom!!”
Mom: “Look honey, I wouldn’t let you go if I thought it wasn’t safe.”
Kid: “So it’s safe now?”
Mom: (heavy sigh)

I’m a simply woman, just a regular soul who walks this earth with you.
I understand our kids need to be educated, but exactly what are we teaching them by sending them out into the world, when at the same time, we’re being told not go out unless necessary.

Trump, himself said, “We are fighting an invisible enemy…”
It feels like we are putting our kids and teachers, the school staffs into the trenches, of course there will be casualties.

How about starting school later this year?
As our Governor talks about possibly shutting down our state again due to the screaming rise in Covid-19 cases, we’re discussing opening the schools. I’m not a math teacher, but these two ideas do not add up.


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  1. Connie L Calvo

    You’re so right. I can only imagine having this conversation with my kids if they were younger. I don’t think I would be calm having this conversation with them.

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