I Feel ~ a short something by Katrina Curtiss 6/30/2020

I’m passing time just writing, pondering, trying not to read the news ~ and this is what happened.
If you’d like to add something, feel free ~

I Feel ~ by Katrina Curtiss 6/30/2020

I feel like I’m walking in circles trying to find a corner.

I feel like someone switched out the pieces to my game of “Life” for those in the game of “Sorry.”

I feel like what use to matter, has been put into a blender and turned on to high speed.

I feel that “Mask Up” has replaced, “Hello.”

I feel that my make-up, hairbrush and bras’ have become distant cousins.

I feel like wearing a seatbelt is like wearing a mask for my waist.

I feel that stuffed animals are a necessity.

I feel like the boulder we’re rolling up hill has been dipped in olive oil.

I feel stupid smiling behind my mask.

I feel that my clothes and my circle of people that I like, are shrinking.

I feel that everyone is doing something except me

I feel that I see my Amazon delivery guy more than my friends

I feel that people who suffer social anxiety were better prepared
for this than me.

I feel that we’re all suffering growing pains, whether or not we’re
going in the right direction, remains to be seen.

I feel like you matter, I matter, we all matter, and I feel that someone is going to tell me that saying that is “politically incorrect.”

I feel that the year 2020, for me is the year of trying to hide from COVID-19, The Search For Toilet Paper, The Adventures Of Basura, The Adventures of my Refrigerator, The Adventures Of Betty The Builder (Sofia), The Adventures Of My Mind, and The Adventures Of Getting To Know You. #girlwithguitar

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