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Monday Mourning In A String Of Monday Mornings ~ Katrina Curtiss 7/27/2020

As the $600.00 bump for people who collect unemployment fades into a memory by the end of this month, these things I predict:

*There will be a mass migration of families moving into the same homes.

*There will be a housing crash, similar to that of 2008

It’s a hot potato issue, which has resulted on hurt feelings of injustice on every side of the fence.

Some people who have been working call those collecting unemployment “lazy” and feel it encourages the unemployed to stay unemployed.
Accusing the unemployed of having a “paid vacation” sitting around doing “nothing.

Some people who were forced into unemployment have been trying desperately to find work, without success. Forced into feelings of discouragement and disillusion.

The only way they have been able to exist has been with the extra $600.00 bump.

As always there are people who take advantage of every situation, but there are those who are trying, struggling and failing.

According to several surveys only 41% of Americans can come up with $1000 in the event of an emergency. (

Looking for work is tough when things are good, but due to COVID-19 many stores are filing for bankruptcy, so guess who’s not hiring.

Some people say, “Well, it’s their fault, it’s the consequence of their life decisions”

Some people say, “I work 3 jobs and still live paycheck to paycheck”

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store, along the way I saw “Now Hiring” signs in 3 businesses within a 3-mile drive. Each one boasted, “$10.00 an hour” ~ if, and that’s a big “IF” ~ due to COVID-19, a person works 40 hours a week, that means that before taxes they’re making $400.00 a week. After taxes leaves you with 1,005.64 a month. Truth is that many are working fewer hours due to lack of business.

Now I’m not a math expert, but let’s see what we can see.

Rental of a 2 bedroom apartment estimate $700 a month (

Yes, I could continue with a breakdown of monthly expenses which include:
Utilities, Food, Health Care,  Car payments and insurance, Clothing…etc.

But you’re smart and can figure it out.

My wish is that instead of being angry at each other, we direct our energy towards the incredible disparity among workers pay. We direct our energy towards the corrupt Health Care system; we direct our energy towards social, racial, ageist injustice.

I suspect much will happen to those who “have not” facing life-changing choices in an attempt to survive in a country where our President claims, “We are winning!”

The simple truth is we are not winning, life is not a game, life is not a contest, life is not watching the prosperity of others through a window.

Instead of living in a nation of “I’m gonna get mine!” We should be living in a nation of “Did you get yours?”

Just some shared thoughts as time passes, we start to see a reality in what was once known as “The Land Of Opportunity.”

I love my country, this is my home and I struggle knowing the struggle of others.

Stay Healthy,
Much Love,








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    1. Katrina

      Hi Connie, People get so mad about the unemployment help, yet are willing to work for next to nothing, we’re getting mad at the choir and not the directors.

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