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Empty Student's Chair 7/16/2020

The Lonely Music Teacher ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/16/2020

I’m cleaning out all of my teaching material, hoping that much like when you wash your car it rains. If I clean it out, toss stuff out, suddenly the world will right itself and we’ll get back to normal. I’ve been at it for hours, going through everything, my God, I think I must have killed at least 3 trees with so much teaching material.

Then I realized that I was sad, because it’s like saying good-bye to a part of my life.

People aren’t crazy about taking on-line lessons; I get it, nothing personal. I’m extremely grateful for the ones who have stuck around.

I question if I’ll be using paper much in the future, since we’re on-line, I can send attachments, videos, etc.

It feels trite to even write about it, there’s serious stuff happening everywhere, really serious stuff. But right now, in this moment upon this day, this is my stuff.

The Lonely Music Teacher ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/16/2020

She sat alone at her desk with no one to teach
All of her students had moved out of reach
With the virus, they all lost touch
Oh, how she missed her students so much.

She cleared out her desk, put lessons away
Hoping that once again, would come the day
That her students returned, once again to learn
That once again in their hearts they would yearn.

They had to stop coming, she had to turn them away
Because people were getting sick each and every day
6 feet a part, wash your hands, wear your mask
It makes teaching a nearly impossible task.

She tries to reinvent herself, over and over again
She’s done it before, so this isn’t the end
Still the dust now gathers on her student’s chair
As she remembers fondly, when last they were there.

Stay Healthy,
Much Love, your friend

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    This is a rough time for teachers. So sorry! We do miss you!!

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