Some People Say ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/14/2020

Some people say, “America, love it or leave it”
I say, “American love it and try to change it.”

Some people say, “Wait until November 4thand the virus will disappear”
I say, “It’s a global pandemic you moron”

Some people say, “If you say “All Lives Matter” you’re racist because only their lives are on fire.
I say, “All Lives Matter” because all of our houses are on fire

Some people say, “Making us wear masks is against my Liberties, ya can’t tell me what to do!”
I say, “You wear a seat belt? You stop at a stop sign? You travel the speed limit? You wear your shirt and shoes into a restaurant?
You pay your taxes? You need to pass a test to get your drivers license to drive?”

Some people say, “It’s only a small percentage of people who get sick, actually die, it’s just a “drop in the bucket.”
I say,  “”You insensitive ignorant idiot, “That drop in the bucket” was somebody’s Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother,
Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, “that drop in the bucket” was a life that mattered ~ All Lives Matter”

Some people say “Our President is a buffoon, we need to get him out!”
I say, “Yes, perhaps, look what we’ve allowed and continue to allow, we have to take responsibility for our choices,
after all, we let him in”

Some people still say, “I won’t wear a mask”
I say, “See you on the other side, good luck with that.”

Some people still say, “It’s all political, them verses us”
I say, “Sickness is blind to politics, race, education, economic and social status.

Some people say, “Send our kids back to school, keep the economy open”
I say, “Sending our kids out in this storm is a disaster waiting to happen, opening schools physically
shows us as a country with a closed heart.”

Some people say, “We need to build that wall to keep people out”
I say, “Right now, other countries won’t let us in.”

Some people say, “I’m afraid to go to work, but I’ve got to pay my bills, I could lose everything, plus, the health care, I can’t afford to stay home.”
I say, “We should put people first, take money from other programs that can wait and help out our countrymen and women. What value a wall, or the moon, when lives are at stake?


What’s happening seems so wrong, what has happened to our country that there are protests for a group of people who feel oppressed, when we are ALL being oppressed.

The only true privilege that chokes our country is that of the rich, I’m white, not rich; so don’t toss that rock at me. I’ve worked my entire life, nothing handed to me, everything earned, much like everyone I know, in every color of the rainbow.

I wonder where our over paid athletes are during this time? With their incredible salaries that we pay for with our loyalty and hard earned ticket money. I live in San Antonio, correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t heard of any of the Spurs helping out the community.  While we’re schlepping away, they still have their million dollar contracts.

It’s not the “Stars” who are keeping our country running, as always we’re being held up and thriving on the backs of the workers, those jobs nobody wants because of society’s perception of achievement.

It doesn’t matter how well I sing, play or perform right now, the true talent lies in the ability to run a cash register, pick up the garbage, the repair guy/girls.

Alas, enough cannot be said for those in the Health Care arena, putting on their gloves and going into the ring everyday, trying to knock out the virus, to help the sick, to give us all hope.

The Front liners include more than the doctors, nurses, aids, cleaning staffs, EMS, Firefighters, Police Officers, Politicians, it’s an exhausting time for all.

And the Parents, who have been thrown into a world of confusion about sending their kids to school, having to homeschool while working, run the house hold, run everything, It’s been a herculean tasks with no end in sight.

I suspect we’ll have to shut down again, send us all to our rooms in a statewide “time-out” to give us another shot at doing this right.

Maybe this time, we can usher out the virus and usher in good will towards mankind.

Stay safe and healthy

Much Love,

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    Very well said!

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