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Things That I Have Learned Since COVID~19 by Katrina Curtiss 7/6/2020

These past months have been a time of reflection and self awareness,
here are some of the things that I might have known about myself before, but more so now.

Drawing is a talent and takes practice.

Learning to speak Portuguese is nearly impossible.
People who can speak two or more languages, mystify me.

Folding Fitted Sheets is incredibly frustrating.

You can find something on the Internet to support whatever you want to believe.

It’s okay to un-friend and block strangers on social media platforms.

It’s easy to help, harder to ask for it.

I’ll never sew anything beyond a hole in my sock.

A half empty gas tank makes me nervous.

There’s a lot, I don’t know about a lot.

There’s a lot, I can learn about a lot.

I cannot have M & M’s in my house.

My favorite time is when most people are sleeping.

I need people more than I thought I did.

People need me more than I thought they do.

Angry, loud people are sometimes the most scared.

People who have chickens are cool.

People who have cats are cooler (Basura made me write that).

I finally understand people who like their pets better than humans.

Knowledge is power, and can also be depressing.

Naps are a privilege, it’s okay to stop.

Music, making or listening can help lift my spirits.

There’s magic in everyone, just wait long enough to see it.

I have more than I need, but not enough of what I want.

What I want most is Peace.




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  1. Connie L Calvo

    You’re so intuitive. That’s why you’re so good at writing poems and music! Thank you again for sharing!

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