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#girlwithguitar written in sand ~ Costa Rica 2019

A Pondering I Have Gone ~ Katrina Curtiss 8/11/2020

It feels like grace and class are a thing of the past
And that anything goes nowadays
Gone are the days filled with discipline and hope
When a kid got their mouth washed out with soap.

When caught chewing gum in class
I had to stand in the corner, as hours passed
Never a backtalk, never a curse
If I continued things only got worse.

As an adult, I sometimes, stumble and fall
Trying to make sense of it all
Do the right thing, mess up and fail
Holding tight to the tigers tail.

I try to breathe and meditate
Over taking pills to medicate
Don’t react, count to ten
And then I start all over again.

Nobody does what they do because of me
I’m not that powerful, don’t you see
In my own little corner of my own little mind
Lie all of the answers, if I’m looking to find.

So here’s to you, whomever you are
Together, let’s hoist and raise the bar
To much better days, a much richer norm
Remember, it’s always darkest before the storm.

Today’s Musing: “Do the best you can, that’s all anyone can ask.” ~ Quote by Jeanne Marie Curtiss, mother of me. #girlwithguitar

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