The Times, They’re Not A Changing. ~ Katrina Curtiss 8/12/2020

When I got my start in Radio, I was a traffic reporter, that tiny person in that tiny plane that flies over the city, reporting on traffic problems. I held that job for about 6 months. I was lucky, the DJs’ that I worked with talked to me on air a lot and we had fun and soon my ratings as a well known “personality” in Akron, Ohio were very high.
As a result I was jettisoned quickly into the role of “Morning Show Co-Host/News Director.” I didn’t want the job, I had no background in news reporting, I was a fulltime college student and getting up at 4am wasn’t appealing.
Before the promotion, I spend countless hours practicing writing and reading news reports, long gone the days of reading only the comics and Ann Landers.
I took special newswriting classes, I learned the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” style of writing and reporting and struggled a lot.
I’m more of a free thinker when it comes to life, coloring outside the lines, abstract on many levels, preferring creating over concrete.

Rumors ran rampant that I had exchanged special “favors” with my boss, to get a job that they wanted, and I did not.
Accusations were tossed; words whispered behind my back, conversations suddenly stopped when I walked into a room.
How was it possible, they thought, how could I have gotten the job based upon my abilities, my hard work and work ethic?

It’s pretty simple, the listeners liked me, so they would listen, if they listened, then our ratings would go up and therefore sales would increase. (All hail the mighty dollar.)

That was my bosses’ logic, plus he could pay me a lower salary that someone with experience.

This was not the first or last time in my life that the ugliness of sexual discrimination showed it’s ignorant face and danced before me. It’s a terrible feeling when a person is thought to be worth-less due to the vessel in which they travel.

The pettiness of the America back in the ‘80s is apparently alive and well in 2020.

Yes, this is about Kamala Harris and yesterday’s announcement that she is the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, in what may well be the most important Presidential race in my lifetime.

When I read the news, I felt a glimmer of hope for my country, hope that real change is upon the horizon.

I admit, I have work to do, to research her political stance, her platform, and her history as a servant for justice in these United States of America.

I have time, I’ll make good use of it, and I hope you will too.
I’m of the school of thought that we can have a healthy debate without hatred.

Late last night, I meandered over to Facebook, as I feel it gives me a chance to
see how other people view the world. I was sickened…

The attacks on Kamala Harris were so nasty (I’m using one of Trumps favorite words) that it took me back to my past, the times I was accused and defamed for trying to reach my potential. My only crime, was being a woman.

So I apply the rules of News Reporting: “The 5 W’s of Journalism”

Who are these people that make these accusations? I don’t mean their names, jobs or backgrounds, I ask, “Who are these people in their hearts?”

What are “they” hoping to gain? Do they think that they’re “educating” us as to the facts of their story? Do they really think that we won’t do our own research into things that matter? Do “they” understand what the word “Bully” means?

When did “they” learn that demeaning women was the correct response to their feelings of insecurity? When, I ask myself, will we ever champion our fellow men and women onto the greatness of their lives?

Where do we collectively go to find truth in today’s society? There’s something somewhere to support almost anything. How many different Google searches does it take to find the facts, without tripping over fiction?

Why I ask myself again and again, why are people so quick to judge, filled with anger and hatred towards others?

How do we change? Do we want to change? How can truth ever find it’s way to the top, when buried under falsehoods and fear?

Personally, I don’t know what is false and what is true, I wasn’t there, but then again, neither were you.
So, before we throw the baby out with the bathwater, don’t we owe ourselves and each other the opportunity, the grace to reflect, fact gather and present a balanced debate without debasing either side?

Words that a reporter should be using, perhaps ourselves:
“Reportedly” ~ “Allegedly” ~ “According to” (cite your sources)

Stay Healthy
Stay Wise
Stay Informed

Much Love, your friend, #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    So well said! You are very talented and you’re good at writing and very creative! It’s hard to not worry about what people are thinking or saying about us but please never change!

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