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The Cart Before The Horse by kc 8:20:2020

Ode To Workers  ~ by Katrina Curtiss 8/20/2020

There is so much going on behind the scenes that we’ll never know
They’re making up things, along as they go
First it’s this, then it’s that, everything rearranged
Changing their minds over and over, like they’re deranged.

They say what worked before, won’t work now, of course
They’re putting the cart in front of the horse
For those of us who work under them
We have to start over and over again.

It’s different, now I understand that’s true
But shouldn’t somebody know what to do?
We once had great minds running the show
But the fish dies from the head on down, you know.

So here’s a cheer to those chasing their tails
Who have to pick up the pieces when everything fails
Keep juggling the 18 things on your plate
And when they are wrong don’t take the bait

You’ll get through this, you will, you have before
Just leave your ego outside of the door
One day, this will be a great story to tell
How the year 2020 was a year out of hell.

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    So true!

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