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Sofia and Her Table 9:12:2020

Sofia And The “She Shed” ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 9/12/2020

It’s now September, COVID~19 came in March and has overstayed it’s welcome.
It’s a Mad World right now in many ways, within this time, Sofia has found her passion.
She makes things ~ she loves it. She’s gifted at it.
The following is her story.

Sofia And The “She Shed” ~ a short poem by me

I sit at my desk and play my guitar
She goes to her She Shed, which isn’t far
While I work on the beauty that music can bring
She works on reusing stuff to make pretty things

A table this week, which she’d not done before
If it were me, I’d go buy one at the store
But she took old wood and made something new
It’s amazing all of the things she can do

It’s her newest skill, using tools by hand
Chipping, sawing the best that she can
She watches videos to learn the best way
And then practices those skills both night and day

Then out to her She Shed, it’s such a surprise
The things she makes lie before my eyes
I think that if given the chance she would
Spend all of her time making things out of wood

“We’re running out of space!” to the sky, I cry
As she finds another thing that she wants to try
It’s her gift, she just learned, cheaper than therapy
Her and her She Shed, and my guitar and me.

Today’s Musing: “I can’t wait for bulk pick-up day, oh the things I will find” ~ quote by Sofia, builder of things. #girlwithguitar

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