A View from An Older White Woman in America ~ by Katrina Curtiss 10/1/2020

“The difference between us is not in the color of our skin, but what lies in our hearts.” ~ by me

When I hear the words, “White Privilege” ~ it use to make me laugh.

The 3rdof 4 kids, abandoned by my “father” ~ a mother who literally sacrificed her entire life to keep a roof over our heads.
In the dead of winter our electric was shut off, when the toilet broke, my mom’s boss paid for us to get a new one. Our car floor was rusted through in the back, much like the Flintstones car.

If not for the kindness of family and friends we would never have taken a vacation, not had bikes, braces, and other things.

When in Grade school, I begged my mom not to make me get the “free” milk, she knew why, so I never had to.

Like most of us, I never had anything handed to me, started working at 17 years old and stayed employed, paid my taxes, tried to do the right thing, to help when and wherever I could.

As a woman, I fought for every open space. Worked incredibly hard to retain that space, worked hard to help others stand beside me.

Women make less than men per hour in almost every profession. I remember when my boss hired my male assistant and paid him more than me. When I asked him why, he replied that the new guy had a wife and kids, so he needed more. I asked if that meant he deserved more? I handed in my two-week notice that same day.

I have felt “worth-less” in dollars and in respect.

As a “performer” I’ve had more than my fair share of sexual harassment, lost jobs, and opportunities due to saying “no.”
Having to protect myself using a mixture of weapons and words.

I have friends of every color, religion, and sexual orientation. To date, I cannot claim having a rich friend.

Why would anyone would hesitate when asked about whether or not they support any group that feels they are superior, more entitled because of their race, sex, economic status, religion, education? The simple answer is, “No.”

A guy in a tie doesn’t impress me any more or less than the guy who picks up my garbage.

As for people from different cultures; Personally, I love people with accents, who are bilingual, what an amazing mind to be able to communicate on several levels in different languages. For after all, communication is King.

In reflection, perhaps my life has been easier than I am aware of.

No one, to my knowledge every hated me, or judged me outside of my being a woman, its had its pluses and minuses. It’s true that on the outside, I look a lot like a lot of people, but on the inside, I’m oh so different. Not being judged on those invisible differences, by those who don’t know, has perhaps been a gift.

I don’t know the rhythms of the rich, the beautiful, the brilliant or the bold.

I don’t know the rhythms of the poor, the ugly, the ignorant or the fearful.

I do know the rhythms of those who allow me to share their journey, for that I am thankful and honored.

Truly in life, we never know until we walk in another’s shoes, down their paths, through their hills and valleys, through their light and darkness.

In life, it’s my belief that every person has gifts; each gift has its weakness and strengths. Every road leads somewhere, that the broken can rebuilt and that it’s never to late to turn back.

It’s hard for me to feel guilty about things that happened in the past, before I arrived. But I can and will continue to do my part to try and heal the pain.

The view from my small window upon the world, is that we all judge each other in subtle, unconscious ways.

We create stories about others in our imagination and that is where danger dances.
We jump to conclusions without facts, and that is where danger dances.
We speak without knowing, without thought, and that is where danger dances.
Everybody is an expert on everything and that is where danger dances.

I also feel that as our country screams about equality, that the real culture that has been screwed in the United States is the Native American Indian. Where is their voice? Where is their Justice?

Thanks for reading,
Stay safe and healthy,
Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar





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  1. Connie

    Well said! I love your writing and when you share some of your history!

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