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3 Cups 4/12/2021

3 Cups ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/12/2021

It started off as one, as I started out my day,
Sitting down to write, sitting down to play.
The cat meowed; she wanted to sit upon my lap,
I was stuck for quite awhile, as she took a winters nap.

When finally she jumped down upon the floor,
I got up to do dishes, maybe a little more.
Feeling s little tired, I made a fresh hot brew,
And suddenly, there was not one cup, now there were two.

The morning did continue under graying skies,
When my attention was captured by two dancing flies.
I caught them and released fast outside my door,
While I was up, a fresh cup did myself, I pour.

Now 3 sit beside me, all cold and calling my name,
3 waiting cups of coffee, each tasting quite the same.
I feel an obligation, to give them each their due,
As a fresh pot is now ready, what a wicked brew.

***I’m not a big coffee drinker, but find that I lose by cups throughout the house.
As I made a fresh cup this morning, I was greeted by two others.
Pondering, as one likes to do, it seemed they were sad by being replaced by something new, fresh, younger.

Alas, It is a Universal feeling.



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