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Kat Fat Pants 10:25:2020

Farewell to Loose Fitting Jeans ~ Katrina Curtiss 10/25/2020

Oh where have you gone to, loose jeans of mine?
I had dress to go out and you I did find.
When I put you on, something wasn’t quite right.
My loose jeans are now my jeans that are too tight.

Oh those extra pounds came when I wasn’t around.
Past my lips to my hips, without a sound.
I try to blame it on my clothes, did they shrink?
Or could it be all the wine that I drink?

So now my fat clothes are out on the floor.
As my skinny clothes go back into the drawer.
I try and try to suck it all in.
But there’s no sucking in my now double chin.

A diet, I’ll try it, can no longer deny it.
A carrot, some hummus, who among us.
Has not put on weight due to COVID 19?
As I now bid adieu to my favorite loose jeans.

Today’s Musing: “When they said, “weight,” I thought they said, “Wait”, so I did.” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar

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  1. Bob Roberts

    Actually, I’ve lost about 4 pounds in the past 6 months. I think I just worried it off…

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