Sadness Danced ~ Katrina Curtiss 11.30.21

Life is unfair!” was her battle cry
The crest she carried until she died
An absent father, lost uncle and son
She turned her back upon everyone.

“Don’t tell me what to do, or how to be!”
She felt entitled to her desperate misery
Outstretched hands she slapped away
Not trusting that love could come and stay.

A tip of the glass to quell the pain
Beaten in life, like the falling rain
Sadness danced her into the night
Thinking that life was an endless fight

Who knows what she thought as she neared the end
If she had this life to live over again
Blessed be her soul as she now is free
A lesson to you, a lesson to me.

In memory of my sister Karen Sue — who died November 29th 2021

She got angry with me and told me never to contact her again. She missed her drinking buddy and was
mad that I got sober. There were not roads leading back to her. Often I have fretted that she would pass
and we would never have made peace. Sadly that day came, went and here we are.

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