One Woman’s Perspective ~ Katrina Curtiss 12/29/2020

Who else feels like their watching a maddening slow motion game of Ping-Pong by 2 groups of drug-laden turtles?

So they are reportedly going to send out $600.00 stimulus checks to help us, help ourselves, as the Pandemic rages on.

Democrats wanted to send more money to us, but Republicans said no

Then after ignoring the whole shebang, 45 comes in and says, “hey send people more money.” Which surprised everyone, especially the ones he refused to negotiate with for months. He must be exhausted, fighting his imaginary voter fraud foes.

So, back to Congress to increase the $600 to $2,000 the number they wanted all along.

It should be a stand alone bill ~ a soul purpose of sending desperately needed money to people who desperately need it.

But 45 has tied the stimulus checks to push Section 230 ( a legal shield for tech companies.)

Imagine the sound a truck backing up ~ engine sputtering and dying.

No action today my friends, good old boy Mitch McConnell refuses to sign.

So, here we sit ~ reportedly waiting, randomly wondering, politically perplexed.

Stay safe and healthy.
Much love always, #girlwithguitar and Basura Cat

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