Not My Driver ~ by Katrina Curtiss 10/6/2020

I’d like to get off the ride, but am strapped in,
Promised destination to a “Greater America.”
Obviously, we’ve taken a wrong turn, lost, oh so very lost.
The driver, the only one available was not my choice.

He’s a terrible driver, incessantly insistent,
Constantly checking his reflection in the review mirror.
Hitting speed bumps with abandon, muttering they’re useless,
Too proud to ask directions, to loud to hear them.

Others on the road, minions in his opinion,
Pedestrians on the street, fast upon their feet.
“But there’s nothing to be afraid of…”
A fool behind the wheel, quietly I pray.

I’d like to get off the ride, but am strapped in
Holding on for dear life, precious moments pass
The ride promising a stop, a new driver please
Headed to a place of peace, promises of a new day.

Stay safe and healthy,
Wear your mask
Vote, VoTe, VOTE. #girlwithguitar

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