The Common Man ~ by Katrina Curtiss 10/4/2020

He was alone, no helicopter at his door, no adoring fans,
In the dead of night, he made his way to the nearest medical center.
Upon arriving, he found it was closed due to the virus,
He slowly walked back to his car, making his way to a friend for help.

He arrived at the hospital, they rushed him in, facial wounds take precedence.
An overnight stay was recommended, but declined,
Too expensive for his taste and for his pride.
Stitches later, aspirin laden, he found his way home, alone.

I had missed his call from the emergency room,
My phone on silent for several reasons, I felt bad.
When we spoke he said he needed nothing,
He was humbled by his age, lack of balance and bounce.

The world didn’t stop and pray for him.
A veteran of two wars, a father and friend.
He deserves the best the world has to offer.
He would decline not demand to be upon the world’s stage.

Tonight, he sits alone, isolated by age and COVID 19,
Has not been able to do the simple things in life that gave him joy.
Because he is at risk, because he is old, because he is aware,
No helicopter at his door, no adoring fans, he is the common man.

Today’s Musing: “There are gentle giants that walk among us, for that I am grateful” ~ by me #girlwithguitar

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