One Beat At A Time ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/2/2021

Everyday I get to make a choice,
On which side that I will raise my voice.
To judge those with whom I disagree,
Or pass them by in compliancy.

The guns, the violence it rains it pours,
Everyday, seems it’s a little bit more.
Just when I think there is nothing left,
Something else happens that takes my breath.

I chose to lift those by my side,
To count the teardrops that they’ve cried.
To lend a hand, an ear, my heart,
Trying to do my best Self part.

Its too many little things piled a mountain high,
The mountain gets higher as days go by.
So take my hand, one step at a time,
Let peace dwell in our hearts, one beat at a time.

*** This is in response to today’s news ~ Voter Suppression, Racism, A guy armed with a  knife and his car trying to ram through barricade at our Capital Building in Washington D.C. kills a Police Officer ~ I can’t even talk about the ongoing trial about the murder of George Floyd, with a video of the murder, there is little reason for a trial.
I suspect that the world has not changed so much as we are bombarded by news sound bites 24/7. It’s hard to catch your breath in between.


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