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Basura Gives tRump The 1 Finger Wave 10:2:2020

My Cat Doesn’t Believe That 45 Is Sick ~ By Katrina Curtiss 10/2/2020

Basura Cat was up late reading the news,
Something that usually gives her the blues.
She jumped on my head just before 1am,
And I thought to myself, here we go again!

“He has it,” she cried, “And so does his wife!”
I couldn’t figure out what she meant for all of my life.
“The Donald,” she cried, “His wife Melania, too!”
“Thankfully, it’s no worse than the flu!”

“Basura,” I said, “I don’t know what you mean.”
She screamed, “They both have it, the COVID~19!”
“Relax,” I said, “It’s the middle of the night,
We can talk about this, with the crack of daylight.”

But she ran around the house chasing her tail,
Saying, “He doesn’t want us to vote by mail.”
“He was so mean to Biden the other night,
If I debated him, I’d claw and I’d bite!”

“I think it’s a lie, he has taught us that it’s so,
He makes me doubt every truth that we know.”
COVID~19  is the same as the flu, he said, but it’s not,
It makes me feel good that it’s something he’s caught.”

“Basura,” I said, “Stop and meditate with me,
Your emotions have run away with thee.”
“I know that you’ve been frustrated with him,
But wishing him ill, upon this earth is a moral sin.”

I spoke to her about Presidents before,
She was interested, so we talked some more.
“Darling,” I said, “It’s a terrible job.”
“Sometimes you have cheerleaders, sometimes you have mobs.”

But Basura said she believes it’s a lie,
That tRump isn’t sick, there’s no reason to cry.
It’s a trick, a sham by the “Shim Sham Man,”
Who will pull out all the stops to win, anyway that he can.

Today’s Musing: “It is what it is…”  quote by Donald Trump about COVID~19 during the height of the pandemic in San Antonio, Tx. #girlwithguitar


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  1. Connie L Calvo

    Basura is a cat that has a good sense of character. Either way I do wish them well.

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