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Please Vote ~ Presidential Election 2020 11 2 2020

My Thoughts On Presidential Election Eve ~ Katrina Curtiss 11/2/2020

I’ve written so many things that I haven’t posted, my thoughts, my questions, my concerns. I have shared some thoughts; the responses have brought me into an awareness that I despise.

Once upon a time, I walked this earth, with such pride in my heart. My homeland made me proud, it’s people inspired me.

Tonight as we get ready for tomorrow, the Presidential Election of 2020, I feel differently.

Speaking with people, hearing their views have shocked me into a different perspective, the actions of my people have startled me into a different perspective.

My first awakening was during Hurricane Katrina, when the displaced were coming to our city for refuge. I called the Red Cross, offering to share my home with those in need, was promptly advised that this was a terrible idea, these people would steal from me, they were not to be trusted. I was saddened by this response, for if I have more than enough, am I not to share?

My News background sent me to several local grocery stores to witness the public’s response. I was stunned as I watched grown men and women out maneuver each other to get water, batteries, the basics. I wanted to blame the store, they should have put a limit in place, the real blame was upon those with the “Me First” mentality.

I’m a watcher by nature, an observer of human nature.

With our political climate, I’ve watched over the years, silent until this election. Putting my views out to sea, for all to see has cost me income and friends.

But, how can one stay silent when one sees injustice, when one reads blatant lies, how does someone not rise up and say…”untrue!”

In my humble opinion, we have become complacent, lazy and tolerant of inappropriate behavior.
In my humble opinion, we have become more interested in “me” than “we.”
In my humble opinion we have already walked 4 miles down a dark road.

Please vote, so we can travel back into the light. This election is more about moral character then politics; it’s about the very heartbeat of America.

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