You are currently viewing  2020 ~ The Year Of The Revolving Door ~ Katrina Curtiss 12/31/2020
2020 ~ The Year Of The Revolving Door 12 31 2020

 2020 ~ The Year Of The Revolving Door ~ Katrina Curtiss 12/31/2020

February 2020~ First Case of Covid-19 appears in Texas, uniformed me, runs around in ignorant bliss.

March 13th2020 ~ Texas Governor Abbott declares a State Of Emergency ~ within days this is followed by “Stay At Home and Shelter In place Orders. I decide to stop teaching private music lessons in a local store, just “in-case” this is real

March 16th2020 ~ Out the door to the grocery store to stock-up on supplies, as food is flying off the shelves as the Pandemic Panic descends. Doubt is now replaced with disbelief. Odd way to celebrate my birth day. (Stunned when I see all paper product shelves bare, wondering what exactly the virus does.)

March 19th~ In The Door as The Virus sweeps like a broom across the land and Black Lives Matter Protests pop up around the country. The year of wearing pajama bottoms comes to life.

April 22nd~ Out The Door, I’ve forgotten about my car. Cruising the neighborhood, windows down, gaining understanding of why dogs get so excited when going for a ride. Back In The Door ~ forgot to wear a bra and to bring a mask.)

May 14th~ In the Door ~ Murder Hornets spotted in the United States, as protests about police brutality continue across the country.

June ~ Out The Door as the protest start to settle down, the number of Covid-19 cases seem to be simmering down. In The Door, guitar lessons resume via Zoom.

July ~ In The Door, local Government issues warnings about holiday gatherings. Out The Door to watch neighborhood fireworks from a distance.  In The Door, summertime heat in San Antonio is brutal.

August ~ Out The Door for my first live gig since March, open, outdoor venue. It’s odd to be outside with people again. Back In The Door, disinfecting my equipment. Out The Door, Basura Cat has Pink Eye to the Vet we go. Back In The Door, shower, disinfect, trying to give a cat eye drops is a daunting task.

September ~ Back Out The Door to talk to the stars, saddened by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Back In The Door, Covid has now claimed the lives of 1 million people across the world.

October ~ Back In The Door to order “Vote Blue” yard sign, Back Out The Door to hammer it into the ground, Back In The Door to avoid my neighbors.

November ~ Back Out The Door to vote. Virus be damned, I need to fight for my country. Back In The Door to watch election results; Back Out The Door to take down my “Vote Blue” yard sign, no need to rub it in my neighbors faces. Staying indoors, lots of supporters for the other side, riding around town in trucks, in caravans.

December ~ Back Out The Door when I get a gig at an outdoor venue, then immediately Back In The Door, quiet Christmas, Cedar Pollen is bad, Virus is bad. Covid Vaccine is here, but not for everyone. 342,000 deaths related to the Virus, and counting in The United States alone.

Today is the final day of the year 2020, please be safe celebrating the arrival of the New Year.

Some have profited immensely over this past year, some of us have lost intensely during the same time.

My wish for you is peace, health and abundance in all things that bring your heart happiness.

You’ve done enough, you’ve been brave, you survived, one breath at a time.

Stay safe and healthy,
Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar and Basura Cat

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  1. Connie

    Beautifully written! Love ya my friend!

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