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The Christmas Cello 12 24 2020

The Christmas Cello ~ Katrina Curtiss 12/24/2020

It’s a quiet Christmas Eve morning, Sofia doing her thing, me, mine, Basura Cat sleeping in the windowsill.

A text from my adopted family, “Are you busy?”
First thought was about seeing anyone during the Pandemic, during the season of gathering.

First a stop by my adopted nieces, the girls and their oldest sister, Robyn, who is on military leave for the holidays. A quick gift exchange and out the door.

Next their parents and the two littlest ones, with gifts of a great piece of wood for Sofia, the maker of things. And then, well…a surprise for me.

Jeremiah plays the guitar, he’s really good and we talk often of music.

He had mentioned awhile back that he was getting his hands on a couple of used Cellos. I commented that I’d always wanted one, their tones are incredibly cool.

In through the door, here he comes with one, for me. I was so overwhelmed, my vision blurred.

Their kindness is like the sweetness of the sun, so thoughtful.

It’s amazing to me, the chosen family. Those we love simply because of who they are.

Thank you to The Heye Family, for bringing Christmas to my doorstep and into my home upon this day.

I shall treasure your gift, always.

Merry Christmas to The Heye Family.

Much Love Always,
Your Sisters, Aunts and favorite Basura Cat.

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