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Basura Hates Ted Cruz 3/6/2021

My Cat Hates Ted Cruz ~ Katrina Curtiss 3/6/2021

Basura Cat says she is not amused,
At the latest antics of Ted Cruz.
She can’t wait until the next election,
He needs to go, for our own protection.

She wants to know why we don’t kick him out,
Why he’s allowed to set fires all about.
He lies about COVID Relief and left us during the winter storm,
Embarrassing Texans has become his norm.

But he is just a puppet for ousted 45,
So he screams and fights, bullies and lies.
He says the most outrageous things to be true,
He tries to lead, but does not know what to do.

At CPAC, he showed more of his fool self,
Sang and danced like a drunken snow elf.
We have to vote him out in 2024,
It’s so long away, who can take anymore?


I just watched Ted Cruz say that the upcoming Stimulus package is going to benefit illegal immigrants. The thing is, Ted ~ you can’t get a Stimulus check without a social security number, which is only given to Americans.

Cruz snickered while the facts were stated ~ totally disrespectful.

Why do more and more politicians remind of those drunken, disrespectful, embarrassing uncles depicted in bad TV shows? (No disrespect meant to drunken uncles anywhere.)

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