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Basura ~ My Covid Companion 12 10 2020

I Hope You Are Doing Okay ~ Katrina Curtiss 12/10/2020 9:4pm

As Basura Cat sleeps upon my lap, as the drummer two doors down performs his nightly garage concert, as I read the news of today. I hope that you are doing okay.

In the darkness of your thoughts, I hope that you are able to see light.

In the midst of a civil storm, I hope that you are safe.

As the wicked winds of lies and betrayal whip our sense of reality, I hope that you have clarity.

In the face of the baseless bawling from political pundits, I pray you follow the rules of democracy and not dangerous despots.

It’s a time of great dividers in our homeland.

The have and have not’s, the mask and the mask less, the protectors and the protestors. The educated and the ignorant, the outstretched hand and the clenched fist

When history looks back upon how we survived or didn’t what will we have learned?

In a land of great liberty, the price of freedom lies heavy in the air. Some do as they wish, saying “to hell with the rest.” While the rest wonder what the hell happened to our sense of service to our country.

People tote guns to protect themselves, but whine about having to wear a mask to protect others.

“My rights, my rights, my God, my rights!!!” So many rights that we are trapped in a never-ending blinding circle of half truths and chaos.

As the very fabric of our Democracy is being stretched and unstitched, as vibrations of civil unrest fill the air, as we pray for peace, solutions and sanity.

I hope that you are doing okay.

Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar and Basura Cat

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  1. Connie

    I hope that you are doing okay too!!

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